Falmouth Heritage Renewal has gained an international reputation for accurately restoring the Falmouth Historic District, the largest intact collection of Georgian buildings in the Caribbean.  A commitment to sustainability and to time honored techniques and materials sets FHR apart in building conservation.  Learn more about our work By Project and enjoy related articles and links under Architecture and Building Crafts below.

By Project:

Residential Projects:


            Small House Project

            Large Houses:


                  1 Trelawny Street

                  21 Duke Street

                  29 Cornwall Street

                  Tharp House

Monumental Buildings:


                  Trelawny Parish Courthouse

                  Police Administration Building



                   Falmouth Post Office

                   Falmouth Town Center


                   Baptist Manse                 

                   St. Peter’s Anglican Trelawny Parish Church

Green Spaces and Public Places:

            Jewish Cemetery

            Persian Water Wheel

            Victoria Park

            Water Square

Architecture and Building Crafts articles and links:

            Lime Burn - Quicklime and Lime Mortar Production