Falmouth Heritage Renewal has established several educational programs to enhance its preservation efforts and to share the hands-on living lab setting with others around the world.  Coming soon, a new museum will allow visitors to learn more about Falmouth’s significant history and cultural heritage. Learn more about our programs by clicking the headings below.

Youth Training Program

Once FHR’s goal of preservation was set into motion, the Youth Training Program became necessary because the area lacked craftsmen skilled in building conservation.  

Staff Training Program

Within a year of FHR’s organization, the good work of the talented and energetic youth, and board member contacts led to opportunities for advanced training, and the Staff Training Program began.

Apprenticeship Programs

FHR’s talented staff trainers have had many opportunities for advanced training through Apprenticeship Programs in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Internship Programs

FHR participates in Internship Programs where university students study in Falmouth researching topics ranging from historic preservation to heritage tourism. FHR staff have also participated in internships abroad.

Field Schools

Each summer, university students experience the hands-on living laboratory setting of the Falmouth Historic District by participating in Field Schools with FHR.

Community Programs

FHR offers seminars and workshops, often in partnership with other historic preservation organizations, that focus on various topics including the history and architecture of Falmouth’s buildings, preservation planning and conservation practices, and specific skill areas such as metalwork, masonry, and carpentry.


This year, FHR’s vision of preservation has expanded to include a museum, which will give visitors an opportunity to learn about Falmouth’s significant history and its contributions to the world.